Why Play Golf? Learn How Taking Up This 500 Year Old Sport Can Really Enrich Your Life!

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It's a question I get asked so often when talking about plans for the weekend, why do you play golf? The people that haven't experienced this great game don't understand the enormous pleasure it brings to millions of people worldwide. Every golfer has their own reasons for playing the game so I am going to share with you my top four.

(1) Fitness & Exercise - Most golfers believe it or not during a round of golf walk around 6 to 7 kilometres or around 4 miles. It's a great way to keep active and get your heart pumping in a nice and relaxed atmosphere. The best part is you have fun while doing it and you don't even realise you've travelled that far until the end of the round.

(2) Friends - I have met some of my closest friends from taking up golf. You spend around 4 hours during a round so it's a great opportunity to meet people and get to know them. Golfers are social and generally happy people and love to talk about their family and life. You'll meet a lot of interesting characters and people you wouldn't normally meet elsewhere in the realm of everyday life.

(3) Competition - Golfers have great competitive natures and the game provides great rivalries and gamesmanship. You compete against so many players during a weekend competition that you are always pushing yourself to improve and take that extra step forward. The game is very challenging and it constantly pushes you to reach greater heights and make yourself better.

(4) Feeling - What I mean by feeling is the rush and satisfaction you experience when hitting that perfect shot during a round of golf. When you time that shot just right and the ball comes off the club face nice and sweet. You stand there and hold your swing and watch the ball sail off into the distance right towards your target. It's a feeling you have to experience to really understand how good it is. This is the number one reason why I play golf.

There are many other beneficial reasons why people play golf and I would encourage everyone to try it for themselves.

Do something different this weekend and go and visit your local golf driving range and hit a bucket of balls for just a few dollars. You'll discover just what you have been missing out on and never look back.

Troy Vayanos has helped thousands of golfers play their best golf using simple, easy to follow techniques.

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