Golf Holidays in Slovenia - Top 8 Courses

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If golfing is one of your favorite pastimes or your favorite way to spend your holidays, then you must consider golfing in Slovenia. Slovenia has eight magnificent golf courses you can enjoy hitting the greens and spending the most relaxing holidays you ever imagined on some of the most affordable and beautiful courses you have ever seen. The eight golf courses you can spend a holiday in Slovenia on include Bled, Mokrice, Lipica, Arburetum, Olimje, Livada, Golden Hill, and Ptuj.

Golfing in Slovenia is one of the affordable ways to spend a holiday if you are looking for excellent courses while still maintaining a budget. Golfing can be a quite expensive sport already, so it is nice to be able to golf in a magnificent place at affordable prices.

Golf course Bled in Slovenia is surrounded by the mountains and has a calming silence of a beautiful lake. The climate is mild and the air is fresh and comforting. Bled is a luxurious alpine resort that has a natural charm to it. There are many tourists that go to Bled so if you like the crowd and the hustle and bustle then it is the right place for you. In addition to the fantastic golf course for you to enjoy you can also take a boat to Bled island and see the castle, a museum, and a gallery. There is also a casino for your pleasure, constant public events, and more. The busy and exciting life is waiting for you in Slovenia at golf course Bled for your next holiday.

The golf course Mokrice is located in the hilly and green landscaping of Dolenjska and hidden in a quiet castle park. The castle is an intriguing part of the visit and a delight for people to tour. Mokrice includes a Romanesque feel with medieval lords of the castle. This is a great place to take your family if you want to golf and give them something to do while you are out on the greens.

The Lipica golf course is located on the countryside of Karst. There are plenty of oaks and old limes and the climate is mild Mediterranean which gives constant fresh air to breath. The landforms in Karst are absolutely spectacular and the course is enjoyable for anyone who is looking for beauty in a course.

The Arboretum golf course in Slovenia is located at Volcji Potok and attracts golfers from all over the world to come and enjoy the greens. There are nine putting greens, an 18-hole course, and a driving range that you can test your skills on. The terrain is undulating and extremely picturesque and provides for an amazingly relaxing and special vacation for any golfer.

When you golf at the Olimje golf course the people alone are reason for the most outstanding vacation of your life. You will enjoy some of the best hospitality of the local people in Slovenia and the landscape on the golf course adds to the enjoyment even more. There are only nine holes on this golf course but each hole requires special skill and approach for golfers when they address their balls for the swing.

The Livada golf course in Slovenia provides an amazing Prekmurje landscaping. There are plenty of cultural and historical points of interest for you to enjoy in addition to the course. If you are looking for relaxation and peace then you have come to the right place. You can also enjoy a bit of recreation as you enjoy the pleasure of your favorite sport.

The Golden Hill golf course in Slovenia is right up against the mighty Konjiska gora vineyards. The silent presence and beautiful view of the vineyards is breathtaking. The Golden Hill golf course is the center of the town situated on a 1300 meter valley spreading around an old mansion serving as a country club that you can enjoy spending your time in. If you are a wine lover in addition to golf then you absolutely cannot miss golfing at the Golden Hill course.

The Ptuj golf course in Slovenia is also located near the Konjiska gora vineyards and is right next to the Golden Hill course. After you complete a day at the Golden Hill you must head over to the Ptuj to check out the fantastic holes they have to offer. This is an excellent holiday because you will be able to enjoy two golf courses at the same location.

There are many places in Slovenia to golf and you absolutely cannot pass up the opportunity because the resorts are very affordable for everyone. You will be amazed at the beauty and the fresh air in Slovenia. Enjoy your holiday by relaxing and playing your favorite sport in Slovenia.

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