Start Golfing After Retirement With a Half Golf Set

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After leaving the work world, many retirees look for opportunities to continue learning, stay healthy, and keep active. The sport of golf can provide retirees with all of these benefits and more. Cash can be tight after retirement, especially in this economy.

Golf has become a more accessible game in the last decade and is no longer a sport exclusively for the wealthy. Even retirees on a limited budget can learn this challenging game that will provide years of enjoyment.

The game of golf is an excellent way for retirees to stay in top physical shape. Older adults face increasing age-related health concerns, many of which can be alleviated or prevented with regular physical exercise. While golf may appear to be a lighter sport, swinging a golf club, carrying golf starter sets, and walking the golf course provide a good cardiovascular workout. For example, a 150-pound man burns 300 calories per hour playing golf and 200 calories per hour on the driving range. The weight of a golf club promotes strength development and may help build muscle or slow down age-related muscle loss.

The challenge of learning and mastering golf promotes mental health. Learning any new type of activity can provide mental stimulation, which can help slow the aging process and even delay Alzheimer's disease. Learning the golf stance, mastering the golf swing, and experimenting with different types of clubs provide a challenge. However, the game of golf is largely about the challenge of improving your own scores, instead of being a competition with others.

In addition to the fact that golf is a game of self-challenge, other characteristics of the game make it ideal for older adults. Golf is a self-paced, and often slower, game. Golfers spend hours going through a golf course with plenty of time to choose the right club and line up shots. New golfers have plenty of opportunity to practice and improve through playing at driving ranges. The sport is played outside in the beauty of nature, and golf ranges are available across the globe and are often found at popular vacation or retirement sports.

Finally, golf can be played on a budget and with as little or as much commitment as desired. Beginner golf club sets are readily available from a variety of manufacturers. While full golf starter sets can be pricey, many retirees begin the game by purchasing a half golf set. A half golf set includes only the most necessary clubs, which is often a putter, three irons, two woods, and a wedge. This set of seven or eight clubs can easily be found to match anyone's budget. Beginner golf club sets provide beginning golfers a set of essentials without more advanced clubs that can prove too challenging for new players.

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