Agra Adventure Sport Offerings

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Agra, popular for its iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri enlisted in UNESCO's World Heritage Site, is a land deeply enriched with centuries old history, traditions and culture as such Agra acts as the perfect place to soak in the culture and history of India. Besides the monuments of great significance, Agra does not have much to offer as per the character of the city is concerned. The city although enjoys adventure sports, but it does not have many avenues for varied adventure activities.

Since adventure sports is not the mainstream activity of Agra, adventure enthusiasts visiting the city would just have to do with sightseeing, exploring new destinations in Agra and navigating through the narrow lanes of the busy market places.

The only adventure activity, if that can be said so, offered by Agra is golfing. The lush green course offered here is any golfers delight. The greenery allows golfers to take the perfect aim and have a satisfying day of golfing.

One of the best places in Agra to try out golf is the Agra Golf Club that offers golf enthusiasts a vast green spread of land, wherein you can thoroughly enjoy a game of golf. Agra Golf Club is a nine-hole golf course and the core of adventure sports in Agra. The Club also offers a splendid ambiance with curved down trees surrounding the place making it worth a visit. Even if you are not a golfing pro or have little interest in adventure sports, you can still come here and enjoy the greenery around you. This popular golf course is also known to have motivated many a first timers to take up golf as a regular hobby.

Another destination wherein a game of golf can be enjoyed is the Golf Course of Agra situated at Circuit House campus that lies in close proximity to the city center. This golf course can be said to be the second home of many amateurs and professionals who regularly come down for a day of golfing. This golf course also enjoys the patronage of foreign travelers. This premiere golf club of Agra being one of the major golf courses in North India, it hosts several national and international events.

So this holiday season give your Agra trip a new color and indulge in some golfing, you never know you might develop a liking for it.

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